Greenlea Golf Course

Greenlea Golf Course, in Boring, OR, is a low-cost, family and beginner friendly golf course catering to those looking for a quick nine holes of golf. Featuring five Par 3’s and four Par 4’s, Greenlea’s holes vary from wide open and inviting to quirky and tight. Notably, the Par 4 fifth hole is one that must be played more than once to get the lay of the land. However, most of the Par 4’s are open and the temptation is there to drive the green. Eagle is a makable score on more than one occasion. At Greenlea the players rule, and it’s not uncommon to see groups larger than four enjoying a sunny day on the course.

While typically flat and open, the course does buckle up as you reach the middle stretch of holes. Severe doglegs greet you on a couple of the Par 4’s so playing to a target is a must, even on holes that appear drivable on the scorecard. Fairways at Greenlea are well defined although there is not much of a penalty for missing them, since the rough is cut down pretty well. While not blazingly fast, the slope of the greens as you near the end of the course are severe and make things tricky as you attempt to go low. Water and sand each make a single appearance on the golf course.

Playing Greenlea Golf Course

The first hole at Greenlea is a short Par 3 featuring an open green. A miss left will be out of bounds. The second hole is the first of four Par 4’s, an uphill dogleg left. Hole #3 is an open and drivable Par 4, followed by the longest Par 3 on the course. Don’t miss right! Greenlea’s fifth hole is the longest and trickiest to navigate on the course. A 274 yard hole from the blue tees, this hole turns almost 90 degrees to the right with tall trees guarding the entire right side. Miss here and you must decide to try and get through this wall of trees, or play backwards for an open look at the green. Hole #6 is a short, tight Par 3, followed by a 200 yard Par 4 from the tips. The green on #7 is sloped hard from back to front, making the green your biggest challenge. Water greets you on Hole 8, although it shouldn’t come into play on the 150 yard one-shotter. You round will conclude with a final Par 3 with a well-sculpted backdrop.

26736 SE Kelso Rd.
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 663-3934