Frontier Golf Course

Frontier Golf Course, a Par-3 course in Canby, OR is a no-frills, backyard golf course designed for players to enjoy the game in a casual setting. Featuring an old west theme running throughout the course, holes with names such as “Desperado”, “The Alamo” and Broken Arrow” add a fun factor to the course for younger players. Frontier Golf Course is comprised of nine Par 3 holes, varying in distance from just under 100 yards, to 175 from an optional tee box on the final hole. There are no grass tees at Frontier, as every tee box features a mat hitting surface. Many of the tee boxes sit on an elevated stand. Frontier Golf Course may not be for everybody, but players looking to spend an hour hitting the ball around the course should enjoy themselves on this course.

While Frontier Golf Course is a great place to introduce a new player to the game, maintenance issues may prevent it from being the ideal place to practice your game, particularly around the greens. Many areas were either not mowed down or featured dead spots. A weekend round will most likely offer better conditions than one later in the week. The course has overgrown a bit in the last few years. Many of the signs on the course are getting a bit older and have fallen from where they were originally hung. Some of the mats need to be replaced as well, since divots have appeared due to extended use. The layout at Frontier Golf Course and the country setting is conducive to a fine round of golf, provided that it remains well maintained.

2965 N Holly St.
Canby, OR 97013
(503) 314-4176