Tokatee Golf Club

Tokatee Golf Club, near the small town of Blue River, OR is a secluded wonderland of golf in the mountain pass between Bend and Eugene, OR. Layed out below an ampitheater of hills, Tokatee sets the stage for a peaceful and quiet golf experience. Far enough off of the McKenzie Highway that you do not hear any ambient traffic noise, Tokatee provides a rare combination of ease of commute, while still feeling miles from civilization. On top of this, you get to play a very well kept golf course with a great design. You can’t lose! Tokatee truly lives up to its slogan, “Golf at its Finest”.

Tokatee Golf Club shows its true prowess from the first tee box, and never has a dull moment. The front nine is wide open and flat, but still challenging. While not easy by any stretch of the imagination, the front nine is very scorable as well as forgiving. Tokatee truly shines however on the back 9, an array of holes that challenge every shot in your bag. With nine unique holes and no filler, every hole on the back could be considered a signature hole. From tee box to green, the course is well crafted. Large growth trees line most fairways, so alleyways are few and far between if you find your ball astray. There is even a tree guarding the 5th green, eager to block even the best of shots.

While the trees of Tokatee provide its greatest challenge, there are many hazards throughout the course eager to challenge you. Sand is a factor on almost every hole on the course, from fairway bunkers in ideal landing zones to deep green side bunkers. Water plays a factor as well, especially on the south side of the course. The 11th Hole in particular essentially consists of a tee box and a green, with nothing but water in between.  The first cut is forgiving, but stray left or right too much, and be prepared to take your medicine. The greens run fast in the summer months and very true.

Spring Hill Golf Club

Spring Hill Golf Club at Albany Golf and Event Center is an 18 Hole semi-private golf course in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Albany, OR. Formerly a private club, the golf course became semi-private in 2010. The unique layout at Spring Hill Golf Club includes 6 par 3’s, 6 Par 4’s and 6 par 5’s. In fact, only once throughout your round so you even play a hole with a similar par on back-to-back occasions. Before teeing off at Spring Hill Golf Club be aware that the yardage book alone does not reflect the difficulty of the golf course. You will be forced to hit narrow fairways and land on small firm greens. The course will challenge most golfers regardless of which tee box you are playing.

The tight fairways and firm grounds at Spring Hill Golf Club present challenges throughout your round. If you are playing straight shot from fairway to green, these holes allow for great scoring opportunities. However, spray your shot off the box and a punch out may be needed out of the old growth trees that line many of the fairways. Most of the Par 5’s require three shots to reach the greens and all Par 3’s play long enough to require accurate, high shots that land softly enough to hold the petite greens. Landing high on the greens and rolling off the back into the rough can lead to challenging par saves. If you plan approach shots based on avoiding greenside bunkers and targeting the front center of greens, you may be much more successful at producing birdie putts. While firm, the greens at Spring Hill Golf Club are rarely quick, but do run true to their line.

Playing Spring Hill Golf Club

A good starting hole #1 will prepare you for many of the challenges you will face all day. From the White and Blue tees you must shape your shot to avoid trees lining the left side of the fairway. A fairway bunker must also be avoided down the right side in the landing area off the tee. Like so many of the holes at Albany Golf Club, finding the fairway by avoiding the trees should be your only goal as any tee shot in play will leave you with a short approach to this elevated green. The Par 5 2nd hole plays as the #1 handicap mainly due to the yardage. Conservative, straight first and second shots here will leave you with a short approach from the fairway.

A good starting hole #1 will prepare you for many of the challenges you will face all day. From the White and Blue tees you must shape your shot to avoid trees lining the left side of the fairway. A fairway bunker must also be avoided down the right side in the landing area off the tee. Like so many of the holes at Albany Golf Club, finding the fairway by avoiding the trees should be your only goal as any tee shot in play will leave you with a short approach to this elevated green. The Par 5 2nd hole plays as the #1 handicap mainly due to the yardage. Conservative, straight first and second shots here will leave you with a short approach from the fairway.

Visually the 9th hole leading all the way up to the clubhouse seems to share all the same characteristics as the rest of the front. Strategy wise you want to play this hole unlike any of the previous 8. The longer tee shot is rewarded on this hole as the landing area widens further down the fairway. After finding the fairway, go ahead and attack the pin here as this is the largest green on the course, slopes from front to back and leaves a difficult two-putt for those that don’t find the same tier as the flag. The 10th hole must be played to the left side of the fairway as all tee shots will land hard and bounce dramatically to the right. There is OB to the left side on 8 out of the last nine holes. You must find the fairway on all holes in order to succeed here, but at all costs, avoid missing left on the back nine in order to save strokes and golf balls. The greens seem minimally larger on the back nine, but amazingly the fairways seem to tighten up even further towards the end of your round.The 12th holes yardage may leave you eager to try and reach in two, but there is really no safe place to bomb a tee shot too. Instead use your yardage book and choose your target wisely to set up your next shot. Hitting a great drive on the Par 5 15th hole may be the best opportunity for long hitters to go for it as there is not much trouble long, but with another short green, sand in front and trees to the left and right, the high percentage play is to create a short approach from the fairway. The trees lining the fairways on all the holes are well maintained and branches do not carry all the way to the ground. So, even if you miss wide left or right you are almost always left with a good opportunity to play back into the fairway on your next shot with a well executed punch out.

With one of the more unique par 3’s on the course, the 17th hole plays over water if the pin is on the right side meaning you can’t be short. With a pin to the left side of the green, keep your ball to the right of the greenside bunker and don’t miss long. Your round concludes with a monster 3 shot Par 5 that you should be prepared for by now. Find the fairway twice on #18 in order to finish strong. Your 3rd shot will be uphill to this two-tiered green which is the second largest on the course. This green is semi-shared with the 9th, but you do not want to be as aggressive towards finding the pin here, just place the ball on the correct tier and finish your day with a putt for birdie.

Santiam Golf Club

Santiam Golf Club, near Salem, OR in the town of Aumsville, is an ordinary course in design, yet adequately maintained to provide a pleasant round of golf. As a relatively affordable course, and straightforward layout, Santiam is user-friendly for beginners or casual golfers. With tree-lined holes and steep green side bunkers, nothing is a given at Santiam, but experienced golfers will view this course as an opportunity to score well. Another notable trait serving all skill-levels of golfers, are their unintimidating and wonderfully smooth putting surfaces. Beginners can putt without fear, and skilled golfers can putt with a strong sense of confidence. Overall, Santiam offers a good balance of favorable and moderately challenging features, making this an enjoyable round for all who visit, and a nice home course for nearby residents.

Santiam Golf Club is built upon flat grounds, and has a simple course layout with average distances. The holes consist of straight tracts and mildly gradual doglegs around tree-lined roughs. Landing zones are relatively spacious, but errant tee shots are likely to end up behind one of many varieties of trees. However, very errant shots may cross over to the next fairway, as many of the holes run parallel to each other. There’s little water that comes into play, although a narrow creek traverses several holes and a few small ponds exist off some of the fairways. A couple of large ponds are also present, including one with a nice fountain, but they are rather avoidable. On approach shots, the main challenge is to avoid the predominantly steep sand traps guarding most greens. The greens at Santiam are mainly flat or have simple contour. They are in fantastic shape and provide a very true roll. Their speeds are slow to average, making them manageable and conducive for aggressive putting.

Santiam has modest practice facilities for an all-inclusive golf venue. They have a short driving range with a handful of hitting stations; better suited for warming up versus practicing the entire range of shots. They also have a serviceable practice green. The clubhouse includes a standard pro shop with merchandise, and a restaurant/bar area.

Salem Golf Club

Salem Golf Club, despite its proximity to Oregon’s capitol building and downtown, is quietly tucked away in a forested, country setting. Along with a pleasant golf experience, Salem Golf Club has a bit of history to offer as well. Established during the 1920’s, this semi-private club is one of the state’s oldest courses available to the public. Nearly a century old, this 18-hole track provides much of its original charm, despite its growth. At the center of Salem’s stately appeal is the presence of two colonial-style structures which house the inside operations of the business. Another piece of history lies in the acres of apple orchards centered on the grounds, that pre-date the course itself, as remnants of a Chinese Farm. To conclude the historical theme, it has been said that one of the lowest scores in the history of recorded golf was set here by former PGA Tour member Pat Fitzsimons; it’s reported he shot a staggering 58 in the mid 1970’s.

Salem Golf Club requires sound club selection and ball control amid its heavily tree-lined fairways. The course is relatively short and flat, but includes many narrow layouts. The holes tend to tighten up where the typical golfer would land their shots. It is wise to identify the optimal landing area, and choose your shot accordingly. With shorter hole lengths, low risk decisions on the tee box have a higher reward than one might find otherwise. Reaching the greens is still feasible with conservative tee play. The putting surfaces are fast in season, provide moderate breaks, and remain true year-round. Some of the greens have well-located bunkers that provide additional trouble after surpassing the trees. There are also several water hazards, including a nice water feature and fountain short of the 4th hole’s elevated green. Overall though, trees are the biggest challenge. Salem Golf Club has similar features to that of a common municipal course for the region, but shines due to its thorough upkeep.

Salem Golf Club provides more for its members and visitors than just golf. Equipped with a full pro-shop, restaurant, driving range, practice green, and more, you can enjoy this complete facility with a country club atmosphere. The restaurant area looks out upon the 1st tee and 9th green, allowing diners and “19th holers” to remain connected to the action. And likewise, golfers finishing either 9-hole side get a nice view of the colonial architecture as they approach their respective greens. Salem GC is an adequate place for all golfers to enjoy the game and kind company. And the rest is history.

RiverRidge Golf Complex

RiverRidge Golf Complex is a full golf facility just minutes outside of downtown Eugene, OR. Originally an 18 Hole facility, RiverRidge was recently shortened to become a 9 hole golf course. RiverRidge is an Audubon certified golf course, you will take in one of the most diverse collection of plants and wildlife our region has to offer.

While the first two holes of RiverRidge Golf Course run alongside Delta Highway, the third hole opens up to some beautiful golf. Hole #3 in particular runs along the Willamette River, and allows for some incredible views. RiverRidge uniquely finishes your day with a Par 3, so walking off the course with a low score can enhance your mood on the drive home. While not an exceeding difficult course, you will enjoy all that comes with Riveridge. When you want a quick nine to work on your short game, RiverRidge provides it.

Home to the Willamette Valley chapter of the First Tee Program, The Nines provide a great start for the younger golfer. The pro shop has an extensive collection of clothing and accessories. A covered driving range allows you to hit balls in any weather, and they open up grass tees during the summer. There are multiple practice greens, and a short game area as well.

Oakway Golf Course

Oakway Golf Course is a Par 3 course located less than 10 minutes from the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, OR. Nestled in the Oakway neighborhood, Oakway is a favorite for locals looking to fit in a quick round of golf. They do not accept tee times, which can be a positive and a negative. While there can be a longer wait in the summer months, you can typically walk on to the course in less than an hour.

While it is a short course, you will have some opportunity to play your full assortment of clubs. On a few occasions, you will be able to pull out your driver. Heavy hitters will have more than a few opportunities to drive the green, since there are very few doglegs. Beware of errant tee shots though, as houses line many the fairways, inhaling golf balls that miss their mark. Water come in to play on a few occasions, although in most cases, you have to severely miss hit the ball to bring them in to play. Oakway is a very easy course to walk, due to the flatness of the course, and the fact that it takes just around 3 hours to complete 18 holes.

There are few practice facilities at Oakway, consisting primarily of a practice green off of the 10th tee box. The pro shop is on the smaller side, and provides a few snacks and beverages, and standard golf necessities, such as balls and tees. Oakway also has an 18 Hole Disc Golf Course, for those who want to play both on a sunny day.

McKenzie River Golf Course

McKenzie River Golf Course is a fine 9 Hole golfing establishment on the outskirts of Springfield, OR. Located just one mile off of Highway 126, the most notable aspect of McKenzie River Golf Course is its setting. The course is settled in a beautiful valley, while running along its namesake river. In fact, the McKenzie River is visible on seven of the courses nine holes, including the entirety of the 7th hole. In all, this family run course is a strong addition to the Eugene-area golf scene, and enjoyable for players of every skill level in the area.

McKenzie River Golf Course is an entertaining and well-kept Par 35 course. While relatively flat, you do see severe elevation changes on the 2nd green and 3rd tee box. Tree lined fairways and green side bunkers present the bulk of your problems around this track. If you spray some shots you can find trouble of course. Errant tee shots will usually end up in a nearby fairway, and in most cases a punch out will be your only choice. While the attackable greens provide average speeds with minimal undulation, they will still provide a nice challenge to most golfers.

For those looking for a quick stop and a manageable 9 Holes in the Eugene area, McKenzie River is a great choice. A friendly, family oriented staff manages the course and pro shop. In addition, McKenzie River provides a full driving range and practice green.

Laurelwood Golf Course

Laurelwood Golf Course, a fun and full-sized 9 hole course, is the unofficial campus course of the University of Oregon in Eugene. Just minutes from the university, many students take advantage of these links. The atmosphere is very laid back and captures the spirit of Eugene. Don’t be shocked to see a frisbee flying across the neighboring fairway, as a group of golfers toss one around during the walk between shots. You also might see a golden retriever or black lab making the 9 hole trek with their golfing owner. So long as you’re respectful and maintaining pace, the rules are rather liberal; a unique characteristic in the world of golf and fitting for this college town in particular.

Laurelwood is built into a nice piece of land with sizable hills and a lot of trees. Tall, old growth trees form a small grove in the center of the course and line the entire perimeter. Many large oaks and other trees and brush are scattered throughout the holes. There are no water hazards and minimal bunkers, making this is a manageable course for all golfers. The holes are modest in length, but a couple of them are doglegged and play a little longer than their yardage. The Par 3’s play the longest and there are three of them, making Laurelwood a Par 35 course. The greens are typically medium in speed and range from flat and straightforward to sloped and challenging. This is an engaging and enjoyable 9 hole course for all, and a classic recreation spot for UO students and nearby residents alike.

Laurelwood has a little pro shop with snacks, drinks and a small supply of equipment and merchandise. There is a small, basic driving range for irons only, which is more than most 9 hole courses have to offer. There is one sizable practice green for putting and chipping, and another smaller practice green by the first tee. Have fun and Go Ducks!

Hidden Valley Golf Course

Hidden Valley Golf Course, located in the small town of Cottage Grove, OR is a quaint country nine hole course where jeans and tees are the primary garb of it’s regulars and a home town feel is the norm. Featuring an uncustomary ten hole layout, Hidden Valley is a bit quirky but a great golf experience none the less. Why ten holes? Hidden Valley features a unique set up in which you play eight holes the exact same when playing the front and back nine, but one hole is unique to the front nine, while the tenth is only in play when on the back nine. That being said, it’s not uncommon for players to tee it up to get an emergency 10th hole in when playing Hidden Valley.

Rolling fairways and straight away tree lined holes are the name of the game at Hidden Valley and while not necessarily difficult for the experienced golfer, Hidden Valley is a great track to get in a quick round of golf. Not far from downtown Cottage Grove, your round begins and ends with two fairly flat holes, while the remainder of your round traverses up and down the Cottage Grove hillside it sits on, leaving tricky lies throughout your round. The penultimate hole in particular features a nearly blind uphill Par 3 and significant elevation changes. Marsh lands exist throughout the course, so beware or be ready to open a new sleeve of balls. The greens at Hidden Valley are fairly slow, but do roll true to their line.

Evergreen Golf Course

Evergreen Golf Course, situated about 20 minutes east of I-5 in-between Woodburn and Keizer in Mount Angel, OR is a unique and well maintained nine-hole track, and an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy. Evergreen measures in at 3044 yards from the Blues and 2737 from the Red’s. The front tee box creates a great opportunity for beginner golfers to play the game on a high quality course with very few challenges other than the greenside bunkers, which come in to play on just a few holes. From the back tee’s, slight dog-legs, hazards off the tee and a short par-3 with trouble everywhere except the green is more than enough to test a more experienced player. A man made water feature as well as a chance to see Mt. Hood from the tee lead to #6 as being the most picturesque hole on the golf course. All the other holes have their own natural features that make them very aesthetically pleasing. The greens at Evergreen are in good condition and offer roll true. You can be aggressive with flat or up-hill putts, but leaving yourself with long putts from above the hole can lead to a bad stroke rolling off the green.

Playing Evergreen Golf Course

Evergreen Golf Course opens up with a perfect warm-up hole on the straight par-4 1st, while the second hole is a bit longer with a dog-leg to the right. This hole is made difficult by having to hit a longer iron on your second to a green protected with bunkers and a bit of a false front. You will have to carry the dog-leg off the tee if you want to be home in two on the par-5 3rd, but if you find the fairway you have a chance to be putting for eagle. By the looks of it, those that play it as a 3 shot hole have better success than those that miss the fairway with driver. #4 plays as the shortest and easiest hole on the course, but it is a challenge to get your yardage right and land the ball on the correct tier of this small green. A forced lay-up off the tee makes the par-5 5th only reachable with a long second shot. Play #5 as a 3 shot hole for a great chance to leave yourself with a short birdie attempt. The short par-4 6th can be reached by long hitters and the elevated tee-box actually makes this hole play shorter than the listed distance. Going for distance here comes with consequences as finding O.B. left or the trees right will leave you frustrated with your decision off the tee. A fun challenge awaits you on the par-3 7th as a large evergreen tree is in play from the tee. Being aggressive and staying to the right will pay-off for you more than risking finding the hazard to the left. A beautiful design and short yardage may cause you to underestimate the difficulty of your approach shot on the 8th, but if you can carry the false front and still keep the ball below the hole you can make 3 here. Hit a straight tee shot and don’t miss the green long or right and you can finish your round with a two putt par on this open green that leads you back to the clubhouse.

We recommend detailed driving directions or a GPS system in your car before making the trip to Evergreen Golf Course that is 40 minutes south of Portland, OR. But, if you happen to live close to the area, this golf course provides a fantastic opportunity to play a quick 9 or 18 in great conditions. There is no driving range at Evergreen Golf Course, but with the price of nine-holes being a little more than your average large bucket, it’s easy to see why locals would choose to do their practicing on the golf course. If the location is ideal for you, Evergreen Golf Course offers annual rate’s as well as discounted junior and senior rates and frequent player cards for weekday play.