Tokatee Golf Club

Tokatee Golf Club, near the small town of Blue River, OR is a secluded wonderland of golf in the mountain pass between Bend and Eugene, OR. Layed out below an ampitheater of hills, Tokatee sets the stage for a peaceful and quiet golf experience. Far enough off of the McKenzie Highway that you do not hear any ambient traffic noise, Tokatee provides a rare combination of ease of commute, while still feeling miles from civilization. On top of this, you get to play a very well kept golf course with a great design. You can’t lose! Tokatee truly lives up to its slogan, “Golf at its Finest”.

Tokatee Golf Club shows its true prowess from the first tee box, and never has a dull moment. The front nine is wide open and flat, but still challenging. While not easy by any stretch of the imagination, the front nine is very scorable as well as forgiving. Tokatee truly shines however on the back 9, an array of holes that challenge every shot in your bag. With nine unique holes and no filler, every hole on the back could be considered a signature hole. From tee box to green, the course is well crafted. Large growth trees line most fairways, so alleyways are few and far between if you find your ball astray. There is even a tree guarding the 5th green, eager to block even the best of shots.

While the trees of Tokatee provide its greatest challenge, there are many hazards throughout the course eager to challenge you. Sand is a factor on almost every hole on the course, from fairway bunkers in ideal landing zones to deep green side bunkers. Water plays a factor as well, especially on the south side of the course. The 11th Hole in particular essentially consists of a tee box and a green, with nothing but water in between.  The first cut is forgiving, but stray left or right too much, and be prepared to take your medicine. The greens run fast in the summer months and very true.
54947 McKenzie Highway
McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413
(541) 822-3220