Tournament Rules & Policies

Thank you for joining the NWGolfGuys Players Club!
Here is a quick primer on the rules and policies of NWGolfGuys tournaments.

2019 USGA Rules Changes

NWGG Players Club will abide by all 2019 USGA Rules Changes starting January 1st, 2019. For a list of rules changes, visit


Players are required to check in no less than 30 minutes prior to their tee time. Please allow yourself extra time to warm up.

Tee Box

Tee boxes will be determined based on flight, handicap and tournament format. Please check individual tournament rule sheets and scorecards for tee box assignments.


All USGA rules should be used for scoring. Players should complete every hole. ESC scoring will be applied after the tournament. Players are expected to complete every hole, with the exception of team play (rule below). Players who have incomplete holes on their scorecard will be disqualified. Your tournament scores will be posted by NWGolfGuys Staff.


To break ties, NWGolfGuys uses the Card Match system to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes and finally the 18th hole. During a shotgun or split tee start, the “last nine holes, last six holes, etc.” is considered to be holes 10-18, 13-18, etc. In the event that a tie still cannot be broken, the pot for the tied positions will be split evenly.

Team Play Handicap

In a Team Event, handicapped strokes are distributed throughout your 18 Holes and should be taken as they fall. For example, if you are a 20 Handicap, you would receive one stroke on every hole with two additional stroke on the #1 and #2 Handicapped Holes. The better of the two players score minus their handicaps is your net team score.

Team Play Exception

For the sake of Pace of Play in team scoring events, players may pick up their ball when they hit Net Double Bogey if their teammate has already holed out with a better score. If a player picks up his/her ball prior to their teammate holing out, the teammates final score will apply whether they exceed Net Double Bogey or not.

Senior Flight Exceptions

Senior Exception: Players over the age of 60 scheduled to play any tee box longer than 6300 yards may move up one tee box, which must be declared prior to their first tee shot.

Super Senior Exception: Players over the age of 66 scheduled to play any tee box longer than 6000 yards may move up one tee box, which must be declared prior to their first tee shot.

The handicaps of players that do choose to move up a box will be adjusted in accordance to the World Handicapping System. Players moving up a tee box will be eligible for net payouts, skins, contests and both net and gross points, however they will be ineligible for gross payouts and championships.

Pace of Play

These Guidelines will be in effect at all NWGolfGuys Players Club Tournaments and Championships. Compliance with pace is the player’s responsibility. If you feel a fellow-competitor or opponent is unduly delaying your group, it is your responsibility to notify the Committee as soon as possible.

45 Second Shot Clock

Each player will have 45 seconds from the time it is their shot to make their shot. Pre-planning your club selection should make this easy. Groups that fall behind may have 10 seconds removed from their shot clock until they are back in position. Players are responsible for keeping time on their shots, although random checks may be made throughout the round. Exceptions to the 45 second shot clock include:

i. The first player to attempt their shot on a Par 3, their second shot on a Par 4, or their third shot on a Par 5 may get an additional 15 seconds to attempt their shot. ii. When attempting to reach the green in two on a Par 5, you may wait until the green is clear. Once the green is clear, each player will have 45 seconds to attempt their shot. Players not attempting to reach the green should play their ball, even if their ball lies ahead of the player waiting. iii. If the preceding group is within reach, you may wait until they clear your zone before attempting your shot. Once the landing area is clear, each player has 45 seconds to attempt their shot.

NOTE: Players who are continually asked to improve their shot time may be penalized.

Maximum Time

The maximum time is defined by the time listed on your scorecard and relates to the official time. The maximum time includes time spent searching for lost balls, rulings and poor play. Each group is expected to play efficient golf in order to “bank time” throughout the round. The maximum time may be adjusted by the Committee.

Out of Position

Lead Group – the lead group is out of position if they complete any checkpoint hole over the maximum time.
Following Group – A following group is out of position if they complete any checkpoint hole over the maximum time and are 14 minutes or more behind the group in front (?13:59 = In Position; ?14:00 = Out of Position).


If a group is notified they are out of position and does not improve their positioon in a timely manner, penalties may be applied to the hole where the second breach occurred. Penalties may be applied without warning.

Appeal Process

1) Appeals will only be handled in the scoring area at the completion of the stipulated round. Discussion of missed checkpoints during the round will only cause further delay of the group.

2) Once you have arrived at the scoring area you may submit a written appeal to the Committee before you have exited the scoring area. If you leave the scoring area for any reason you may no longer submit an appeal.

3) A review will be successful if there is evidence that the player or group was:
i. delayed by the Committee,
ii. delayed because of a circumstance beyond control of the player or group; or
iii. delayed because of another player in the group.

Note: Nothing in this policy excludes a player from being assessed the general penalty under Rule 6-7.


Flight position will be determined the day of the event and will split the field evenly. In the event of a split of a single handicap at the median, we will move the smaller half to the other flight. For example, if the flight cutoff is an 8 handicap, and there are three 8’s in the Jacobsen Flight, and one in the Couples flight, we will move the single 8 into the Jacobsen Flight. In the event that there are even numbers of the median handicap in each Flight, all players will be moved to the Couples Flight.

Exceptional Play

NWGolfGuys Staff reserves the right to reduce a players handicap for future events due to exceptional play. Players who outperform their handicap by the following may be subject to a handicap reduction or a soft cap for tournament play:

• More than five strokes in two events in one calendar year.
• More than three strokes in three events in one calendar year.
• More than one stroke in five events in one calendar year.

Each additional exceptional score may be subject to additional stroke reduction and may be retroactive to the event in which the threshold was crossed.

Players without an Active Handicap

If a player does not have an active handicap, has a new handicap but has yet to establish an index or through a non-GHIN based system, we can calculate one for them as a one-off. The following rules will apply:


• If the player does not have a GHIN number or no previous index is available, we will use the Callaway Scoring system to establish a handicap for one event. For all events going forward, the calculated handicap will be used to establish a flight but the player will play as a scratch.

• If the player has an inactive GHIN number, we will use the last previous GHIN if available for three events. If not available, the third lowest differential will be used to determine the players handicap. If no previous index is available. After three events, the calculated handicap will be used to establish a flight but the player will play as a scratch.

• If the player has an index through a non-GHIN based system, we will use the index for one event. After one event, the calculated handicap will be used to establish a flight but the player will play as a scratch.

Net Skins

Beginning in 2021, strokes will no longer be applied to Par 3’s in the Net Skins game. Strokes applied to the net skins game will be at 100% allotment, minus Par 3’s.

Women’s Flights

Any event with 10-20 Women players will feature a Women’s Gross Flight. Women will then compete in the overall Net flight corresponding to their handicap. Tournaments featuring 20+ women players will feature a separate Net/Gross flight for women.


There are no gimmes in tournament play. Players are expected to putt out at all times. However, please make note of the pace of play. Although every stroke is important, we ask that players do not spend excessive time lining up short putts.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, we have enacted the following policies. In the event of heavy rain, traditional putting rules will apply. However if standing rain interferes with your line, you may move the ball to a spot of equal distance away from the cup to avoid the obstruction. In the event of hail on the greens, a two putt maximum rule will be enacted until the hail has melted.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that all tournaments are booked months in advance, and golf courses require advanced notice of how many golfers we will have at the event to block out the appropriate tee times. NWGolfGuys Player’s Club is responsible for the final number as indicated to the golf course in advance. We understand that unforeseen complications can prevent you from attending an event. Therefore, the following policy will be enacted for all tournament cancellations.

7 Days Notice – Full refund will be given.
Less than 7 Days Notice – Refund will be applied as a credit towards a future tournament.
Less than 48 Hours Notice – No refund will be given.
TRAVEL EVENTS – Refunds may not be available within 30 days of the scheduled travel event.

Weather Policy

If the course is open, we are playing. Therefore no refunds will be given due to inclement weather unless the course has ceased play. Rain checks may be requested from the course, although are not guaranteed. In the event that the course is not open for play, refunds will be given and the tournament will not be rescheduled.

Payment Policy

All tournament fees should be paid prior to the event. A $5 fee will be assessed to any player paying the day of the event at the golf course. To pay by cash or check, please contact the Tournament Director at the email address above.


Players are paid out on their best finish, on either the Net or the Gross side.

In order to abide by the Rules of Amateur Golf, all NWGolfGuys Players Club payouts are given in pro shop credits to Unfortunately winnings cannot be used for future tournament play or future membership.

Payout Expiration

Tournament Prizes expire at the end of the calendar year, two years following the event at which you finish in the money. For example, if you win money in an event in 2023, your prize money would expire on December 31st, 2024.