NWGG Member Since 2017

Salem, OR
Current City:
Salem, OR (I've lived elsewhere in the country and world, but Oregon is home.)
Home Course:
Evergreen Golf Course in Mt. Angel

Favorite Five Courses I've Played:
1. Centennial
2. Bandon Dunes
3. Aspen Lakes
4. The Reserve South
5. Columbia Edgewater
Bucket List Course(s):
With about 200 courses I could play only Oregon locations the rest of my life. While the Bandon experience is great I love the Bend area the most. I have yet to play two notable courses, Pronghorn and Crosswater.
Favorite NWGG Event:
I love the Majors and The Reserve (South in particular) is my favorite. It is a great test and on a couple of occasions I've actually passed that test. Very satisfying.
My Golf Squad is:
At home I play with a great group of about 20 guys, but Frank Gauntz, Brian Traeger, and Josh Garcia are some of the ones I love to tee it up with. With NWGG, Frank Gauntz, Ed Lee, Eric Larson, Zach Welch, Jordan Fisher, Dan Cashmere, and Al Karis are just some of my favorite guys.
Dream Foursome:
Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and my Dad
Favorite Golf Memory:
When my dad made a hole-in-one on the Challenge Course at Eagle Crest. He came to golf late in life, but got to experience one of the great joys of the game.
Why I'm a Golf Guy:
Because of The Guys! I love to play in tournaments and Travis and Zach put on some of the best events around. We are all competitive, but it is also very social. I've developed many good friendships over the last several years and look forward to many more of both.