G.R.I.P Program

We are thrilled to announce the brand new GolfGuys Regional Impact Program…. or G.R.I.P. ! Before we go any further, yes we are copying this from you know where haha. Word of mouth and club support means everything to us and we have built this program to not only incentivize conversation but reward players that take time out of their days to support and promote us!


Here’s How it Works:
Social Media: Tag your local chapter of GolfGuys (NW, NorCal, SoCal) when you’re playing in events, socially or during any other golf related activities. Points for Social Media will be based off impact using a social listening tool that is probably responsible for 90% of the ads you see on your social channels. (Don’t ask us how we have it, we won’t tell you)
G.R.I.P Points: 1-25 Points per Engagement.

Referral Program: Did you know that we have a referral program? For each player that joins a club per your referral will you not only receive a $5 tournament credit but points towards the new G.R.I.P program. You can find the referral link at https://nwgolfguys.com/referral-program.
G.R.I.P Points: 25 Points

Bring a New Player to an Event: Any time you bring a player that has never played with us to any event you will be given G.R.I.P. Points!
G.R.I.P Points: 10 Points

Points run the entire length of the season with payouts going to the top 10 at the end of the year. Thank you for your support and we will see you all on the course!