Wildwood Golf Course

Wildwood Golf Course, in Portland, OR near Scappoose, is a unique and memorably fun golf course. Tucked into the base of a ridged forested hillside that runs parallel to the Columbia River, Wildwood has a beautiful, natural setting. Wildwood is very hilly, and best navigated in a cart. The elevation change and sloping terrain play a large factor on most holes, and provide many amusing challenges. A couple of holes are borderline quirky, but add a lot of character to this special golf experience. The conditions fluctuate like many area courses but when it’s in shape, Wildwood is one of the best affordable courses in the area. No matter what the case may be, it’s hard to not have fun at Wildwood, where originality and pleasant scenery are a constant.

Wildwood Golf Course has short yardage for an 18 hole regulation course. A lack of distance is countered by an array of challenges, starting with proper club selection. The ideal landing zones are favorably large, but hitting them may require clubbing down. Risk-and-reward shots are present and enticing, but inaccuracy can result in unfavorable lies. Elevation changing flight paths must also be accounted for when shot planning. Trees are present throughout as forest surrounds the course and serves as expansive out-of-bounds. Trees also line some of the holes, and some stand-alone trees were preserved as strategically located obstacles. Wildwood has a handful of ponds, as well as several interrupting creeks. Bunkers exist on several holes, but sand is not a big factor here. The greens provide a nice mix of flat and sloped greens. They provide ordinary speeds throughout the season, and when in shape, make Wildwood an excellent destination.

Wildwood is best suited for visiting with the intention to play. There is a driving range, but it has limited stalls and is short of having full distance. It’s adequate for warm up swings, but lacking for complete practice purposes. For nearby residents, however, it’s serviceable enough to frequent. They also have a solid putting green, though it’s not conducive for chipping, as it has no surrounding surface to hit from. The pro shop is basic but sufficient, with merchandise and a small snack bar. Perched off the pro shop is a nice deck overlooking the plush, green course.

21881 NW St. Helens Rd.
Portland, OR 97231
(503) 621-3402