Sunset Grove Golf Club

Sunset Grove Golf Club is a short, relatively flat 9 hole course in Forest Grove, OR, which gives golfers a relaxed, rural afternoon of golf. Priced among the middle of the multitude of Hillsboro area 9 Hole courses, Sunset Grove is enjoyed for its casual approach to the game by those who frequent the course. With the exception of the first hole, located just off Highway 47, the rest of the course is secluded and quiet. The openness of the course is conducive to beginners, while the greens at Sunset Grove will challenge even the lowest handicaps.

Sunset Grove Golf Club provides short hole lengths among fairly flat farmlands, until you hit the greens. The grounds are fairly plush, although there can be some trouble spots in the fairways during the warmer months of the year. In between holes, the grounds are hard and unwatered, so it benefits you to keep it straight, although you are not always guaranteed a great lie in the summer, even in the fairway. The greens are another story. Sunset Grove manages to keep their greens in good shape, although they run a bit on the slow side when flat. However, many of the greens have a snowcone build to them, which can lead to putts running well past the hole if you don’t play the breaks given to you. With the relative ease of the course leading up to the greens, this can lead to higher scores than you would expect on such a short course. Water is present on two holes, one leading to the green on the Par 4 4th Hole, followed by the Par 3 5th, in which you must hit your tee shot over the pond. Sand is scarce, and the traps that are present are hard and could probably use a refresh.

Sunset Grove Golf Club is a smaller, family owned operation and lacks a few fundamental amenities. Like many 9 Hole courses there is no driving range, however a fairly large practice green greets you as you enter. The pros hop is very basic, with a few merchandise items and some available snacks and beverages. Sunset Grove does not enforce a dress code, which falls in line with the casual afternoon setting they play towards.

41615 NW Osterman Rd.
Forest Grove, OR 97116
(503) 357-6044