Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course

Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course, in Clackamas, OR, is a Par 3 Course hidden away in a small valley running alongside the Clackamas River, providing a wonderful opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to play together in a relaxed environment. Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course offers a practice green and a full size putting course between the first tee and the large event areas. Down the hill you will find a full size lighted driving range with open and covered stalls, as well as a separate short game practice area. If you warm up on the range before your round either tee-off from the forward tee on #1 or take the elevator back to the top of the hill to the main tees. The high quality of the maintenance at Sah-Hah-Lee golf course is very noticeable after just a couple of holes. Fairways and greens are pleasant in appearance and play just as nice. Although the greens may be smaller than your standard golf course, the great condition can be seen on both properly played approach shots as well as putts that will roll purely. It is quite impressive how much golf is packed onto this piece of land. The drainage system at Sah-Hah-Lee seems to be well above par. You can play this course during even the wettest months without having to worry about losing your ball in the fairways. About half the holes here include green side bunkers which understandably seem to be the only areas on the course affected by overly wet conditions.

With 18 Par 3’s, Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course provides an array of holes to work on you mid-range game. The steep tee shot at number one is a fun way to start your round, although choosing the right club will most likely prove difficult. #3 is a memorable hole that is designed very well and plays to a difficult green protected by water in front and trees behind. Although seven holes at Sah-Hah-Lee sit on the bank of the River, your best view of the water comes on the tee at #4. The 13th hole is visually impressive and should not be taken lightly due to its yardage. The tee shot at #16 may be the most daunting with plenty of trouble areas surrounding the sloped green. The finishing three holes at Sah-Hah-Lee golf course allow you to play some longer irons and will punish you for not staying straight off the tee.

Sah-Hah-Lee is ideal for beginners in that it will help introduce them to the game without having them intimidated by long holes, having to shape shots or worrying about devastating hazards while still being beneficial to the more experienced golfer. One benefit to beginners learning the game at Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course that cannot be overstated is the fact that they are actually focusing on one of the most crucial elements in becoming a successful golfer, iron play into greens. For the average amateur golfer, playing 18 holes of golf solely focused on shots from 100-200 yards seems like the perfect way to find improvement in one’s game very quickly. Whether it is the golfers challenge with their own ego or the very common discontent with the idea of “practicing”, this part of the game is usually the one that is focused on the least in a typical amateur’s golf career. In speaking with Co-Designer and General Manager of Sah-Hah-Lee golf course Steve Lisac, he made a very simple case for his golf course. He said “Those that are really serious about improving their golf game should play here twice as much as they do full sized golf courses.” Anyone that is dedicated to improving their game would have to agree.

17104 SE 130th Ave.
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 655-9249