OGA Golf Course

OGA Golf Course, in Woodburn, OR, is the unofficial home course for all members of the Oregon Golf Association. With affordable rates and discounted greens fees for members of OGA certified clubs, such as the NW Golf Guys Players Club, the OGA Course is a high value experience. Along with reasonable prices, the course layout is just user-friendly enough to cater to the average golfer, while the quality of maintenance here will appease even the elite. With a balance of punishment and forgiveness amid a full array of course features, the OGA Course a fantastic serve-all venue. Thanks to a strategic annual sanding process, the overall grounds are growing evermore tolerant of the offseason rain, and the greens are notably superb. Despite being built on a residential development, there is a wealth of natural elements and areas, especially on the front 9 where old growth trees and hazards largely outnumber houses. Even the back 9, where homes are abundant, one must avoid plenty of manmade water sources and penalizing zones. Whether nature-filled or neighbor-filled, the OGA Course offers a complete taste of the exemplary golf found in the region in which its namesake governing body oversees.

The OGA Course is built primarily on flat land with a touch of rolling terrain and peripheral knolls or mounds. No one feature stands out above the rest regarding sources of trouble. There is a great blend and fair balance among trees, water and sand amid fairly sizable landing targets. Out of bounds exists mainly in the form of residential properties on the back 9, and several wooded areas on the front. Otherwise, water hazards and fairway bunkers are the prominent points of avoidance. The trees of the back 9 are mostly of the smaller landscaped variety, allowing for a bit more forgiveness regarding errancy from the tee. The putting surfaces are a talking point of the OGA Course as their fast speeds appeal to the experienced short-gamers, while their slope remain manageable for those who are less seasoned. The greens generally provide subtle to average breaks, and their smooth and speedy surfaces offer an opportunity to score.

2850 Hazlenut Dr.
Woodburn, OR 97071
(503) 981-4653