Lakeview Par 3 Golf Challenge

Lakeview Par 3 Golf Challenge is a Nine Hole Par 3 course in Vancouver, WA that is full of character and an experience unlike any other in the local golf community. Essentially a backyard golf course, Lakeview Par 3 derives its difficulty from narrow tree lined shots and it’s hallmark, pin placement designation that dictates the severity of the course that day. When you arrive at Lakeview Par 3, you are greeted by a sign that rates the difficulty of the course that day on a 1-10 scale. A 1 rating signifies easy pin placements that day, while a 10 means you better hang on. Pin placements on an extreme day may mean the pin is on a slope so severe, your ball could end up in a myriad of hazards if you don’t hit the middle of the cup. Anything close to par on a difficult day is an accomplishment in itself.

Outside of the pin placement designations, there are many other unique features that make Lakeview Par 3 unforgettable. A short walk right of the house on property brings you to a hidden tee box on the first hole that is essentially a pier over the lake in which the course gets it’s name, turning the first hole in to a long, difficult Par 3. Many of the holes are tree lined, and some holes have trees in the middle of the fairway that you must navigate around. While the greens are more on the slow side most days, they are well maintained, especially for a backyard nine. Hazards show up in the for of a large water hazard shared by multiple holes, and an especially deep sand trap near the end of your day. Cash is the only form of payment taken at Lakeview Par 3, since most days there is no staff in the pro shop, just an honor box to collect your daily fees. While it may not be a championship course, a visit to Lakeview will not be regretted.

2425 NW 69th Street
Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 693-9116