King City Golf Course

King City Golf Course is a short and basic 9 hole golf course located in it’s namesake suburb, just outside of Tigard. King City proper is known for having various senior communities. The golf course itself lies within one and is heavily lined with homes. King City Golf Course is designed to serve the golfers in the community, and many of them take advantage of their backyard links. This Par 34 course has a standard four Par 4’s but just one Par 5, and all are rather modest in distance.

As a short and straightforward track, the Par 3 tee shots at King City Golf Course may be your longest approaches of the round. The other holes are extremely reachable in regulation, and allow, or sometimes require, conservative club usage from the tee. But the Par 3’s are relatively longer and are clearly the toughest of the holes, for that reason alone. Houses and bunkers are the main obstacles to avoid throughout. There are also a fair amount of trees. The greens at King City run slow on average, and provide modest breaks. Unless you can clearly see slope, you can expect a pretty straight roll. This simple course provides an ideal round for residents and newcomers to the game. It’s also conducive for all golfers to practice their short irons and wedges.

The facilities at King City Golf Course don’t extend far beyond the 9 holes of golf. The pro shop sells the basics, like balls and tees. They have a decent putting green, but like most 9 hole facilities, has no driving range. However, they do have a 1-man hitting station for taking a few warm up swings, free of charge.
15355 SW Royalty Pkwy.
Tigard, OR 97224
(541) 549-4653