Highlands Golf Club

Highlands Golf Club, on the dunes of Gearhart, OR, is a fantastic 9 hole executive-style links, and the only ocean view venue on Oregon’s North Coast. From several vantage points, including the final walk of the Par 3 9th and most notably the short but tricky Par 3 5th, seaside perspectives are present at Highlands. This Par 31 course has a short, walking-only layout conducive to enjoying the simple pleasures of what golf was founded upon, including the natural environment and company of your golfing companions. Highlands offers a laidback, yet quality place to enjoy the game and the beauties of a region that epitomizes the term Pacific Northwest.

Highlands Golf Club is essentially built in line with a ridge of dunes running parallel to the coastline. The course is fairly tight and narrow, but short distances compromise to that effect. Holes 1-4 run southward along the inland side of the rolling terrain. The Par 3 5th is like the unofficial “turn” for this 9 hole course, as it aims you westward into the winds of the Pacific, providing the most scenic vista on the course. This hole adds to a fun layout overall; its very short approach, drastic drop in elevation, and direct line into the ocean breeze are all factors of the equation. The remaining holes of The Hightlands run northward on the oceanside of the dunes, concluding on the ridge-top of the Par 3 9th, and opening up to one last glimpse of the sea. There’s no water on the course, only sand traps, trees, and coastal brush. The greens range greatly in size and provide a quality roll and manageable sloping.

33260 Highlands Ln.
Gearhart, OR 97138
(503) 738-5248