Eagle Creek Golf Course

Eagle Creek Golf Course, located in Eagle Creek, OR is a simple rural course built among farmland and old wagon trails. Located between Clackamas and Estacada, this wallet friendly course will get you a round at a cost rarely seen in or arond the city of Portland. At less than $2 a hole on weekdays in the summer, you will not find a course as inexpensive as Eagle Creek in the Portland area. However, the course has challenges, which are hard to over look. First and foremost, finding the course is difficult if you don’t have a map or a GPS to guide you. Eagle Creek is not on a major road, and signage is non-existant, even in front of the course. A new clubhouse does have its amenities, but is limited. When making the turn, you do not make it back to the clubhouse, so be sure to stock up on liquids before your round, as there is no water or cart service on the course.

From tee to green, Eagle Creek Golf Course plays fairly short. The fairways and rough tend to be under-watered. Shots just off the mark can stray wildly once hitting the hard-panned surface off the fairway, so accuracy is important, although the fairways have their challenges as well. In contrast, the greens may be a bit over-watered. This leads to plugged balls and slower greens, even on the hottest days of the year. Among the other quirks of the course include the Par 4 9th, where you must navigate two parallel streams passing through the fairway, and the Par 3 12th, in which the green is completely protected by a tree. Since the course was built into grounds without much preexisting character, the quirkiness of the back 9 in particular seems to be placed as a means of creating unnecessary challenges to the golfer. If you are looking for a cheap round of golf in an area steeped in history, Eagle Creek can provide this.

25805 SE Dowty Rd.
Eagle Creek, OR 97022
(503) 630-4676