Cougar Canyon Golf Course

NOTE: Cougar Canyon Golf Course is currently closed for play.

Cougar Canyon Golf Course, located in the small town of Myrtle Creek, OR in Southern Oregon is on of the most enjoyable tracks in the state. Formerly known as Myrtle Creek Golf Course after the town it resides in, Cougar Canyon recently changed their name to reflect the widlife and scenery enjoyed throughout your round. While the prospects of gold at the neighboring Seven Feather Casino may bring you to Cougar Canyon on a Stay and Play package, the riches of the views, peacfulness of the nature around you and quality of golf should bring any golfer back for more. Understanding that you may not be satisfied after one go around, Cougar Canyon offers Unlimited Golf with Cart greens fees for less than what many courses charge for one round. Your greens fees are determined by your start time, and you can go all day if you are so inclined.

Situated among the hills of the Umpqua Valley, Cougar Canyon is serene and quiet, offering an escpae to it’s players that rivals any course. Due to it’s location, players will endure immense elevation changes, rolling fairways and greens often blind from the tee box. The primary challenges of Cougar Canyon Golf Course comes to the player in the form of it’s terrain. It is more common than not that you do not see the pin during your tee shot. Setting up your second shot from the tee is a must at Cougar Canyon. It is definitely a course that needs to be played often to master, while still fair to any newcomer. The greens at Cougar Canyon regularly run at a medium pace by design, anything faster would make the greens almost unfair as much as they move. Hazards come in the form of tall grass, wetlands and large bunkers lining most of the greens. The occasional well placed pond and tree lined holes also come in to play to prevent scoring. Cougar Canyon

Playing Cougar Canyon Golf Course

Cougar Canyon Golf Course begins with one of the best holes on the course, a downhill Par 5 covering 546 yards from the tips. A large tree comes in to play if you leave your ball on the right side on your second shot. A well guarded green awaits your shot into the green, with trouble left right and behind the green. The first hole at Cougar Canyon gives you a sense of what you’re up against throughout your round, with heavy undulation in the fairwaays and greens and a sever elevation change from tee to green. After a Par 3 with landmines all around you, players encounter the second Par 5 of the day, a sweeping dog leg right back uphill to an elevated green. Up and down is the name of the game for the next three holes until you hit perhape the most challenging and unique Par 4 on the property, Hole #7. From a signifcantly elevated tee box, the inclination is to tee it high and swing hard. However, the course tightens near most players landing area, and anything missed left gives you almost no shot at the green. Swing hard if you dare. Your Front 9 finishes with yet another Par 3 and a long, uphil Par 5. The Front Nine at Cougar Canyon features three Par 3’s, three Par 4’s and three Par 5’s.

As you head to the Back Nine at Cougar Canyon Golf Course, you are greeted by yet another uphill, blind tee shot into a postage stamp green, guarded by a creek in front and a hill behind. Par is a good dscore as you begin the back. The 11th Hole is yet another sweeping dog leg right. The course tricks you into believing you may have a chance to go at the green, but the safe play is to aim well left of the green. Attempting to cut the corner will only bring trouble. The 13th is one of the better Par 3’s on the property, with a pond in front and a large green to the left. The safe play to the right leads to tall grasses, making accuarcy a must on this demanding Par 3. As you make your way to the finish line, you encounter fewer elevation changes, but just as much undulation until you hit the final hole, a Par 5 lined by a side hill. The final green is guarded heavily by bunkers, making the 18th hole scorable, but also ripe for a high number. By the time you hit the end of Cougar Canyon, you may just want another run at it!

1316 Fairway Dr.
Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
(541) 863-4653