Brasada Canyons GC

Brasada Canyons Golf Club, carved into Powell Butte due east of Bend, OR, is an exclusive semi-private course at Brasada Ranch that showcases one of Central Oregon’s most impressive vistas. Brasada Canyons is distinguished by its broad panorama spanning well beyond the long spectrum of adjacent Cascade Mountains. Set up along the ridged base of Powell Butte, Brasada Canyons takes full advantage of its natural terrain and desert vegetation. In addition to its countless awe-inspiring views of the broad landscape, Brasada Canyons is prided on providing 18 truly unique looks thanks to a masterful course design by the team of Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy. Lush green fairways meander their way up, down and around the arid, contrasting surroundings. Built on a large plot of land, the holes are spread out and mostly secluded from everything but the countryside beauty. Capped off by truly pure putting surfaces, and Brasada Canyons reaches the ranks of Central Oregon’s finest. A destination trip to Brasada Ranch provides a first rate Western stay and access to play this top notch venue. From tee to green and from Powell Butte to the Cascade range, the wonders of Brasada Ranch are near and far, far and wide.

Brasada Canyons Golf Club has a lot of gradual to significant elevation changes as it moves through canyons and over ridges. Much of the course offers large and unintimidating landing zones from the tee, countered by directional bunkers. These sand traps are well placed to make longer hitters second guess their intended line or weigh the risk reward on potential scoring holes. Beyond the fairways, there is minimal rough to slow down off-line shots. Miss these roomy fairways and you’re in the dry desert dirt surrounded by sagebrush, rocks and Junipers. While it’s possible to retrieve and play shots out of this, sometimes it’s best to take your medicine. Keep it in the fairway, and most approach angles are open and attackable. Bunkers guard all of the greens but the putting surfaces are large and inviting overall. The greens are kept in pristine shape and provide an ultra smooth roll and quick speeds.

Playing Brasada Ranch

The front nine at Brasada Canyons Golf Club begins your trek up the hills that make up Brasada Ranch. The first tee box gives you a glimpse of whats to come in the form of a fair and straight away Par 5. However, the angle of the fairway makes this inviting fairwaytougher to hit then it looks. The first forced carry awaits on the second hole, leading into an undulating green. Miss long here and you can all but say goodbye to that golf ball. An elevated tee box awaits you on the third hole, an impressive hole carved into the canyons. Hole #4, the first Par 3 is wide open on the left, but any miss to the right is gone. From the tee box at #5 you cannot see the green on this dogleg left. A shortcut over the mound brings danger into play but can reward a great drive with a short approach. #6 is your second Par 3 on the back. The green on this hole is long right to left, but very thin from the box. A catch area is provided on the right side, allowing for some forgiveness on your second shot. The seventh is a long, uphill Par 5 which is fairly straight away hole, but don’t be fooled, bunkers guard every landing area. #8 is a tricky, downhill, dogleg right. From the box this hole is deceiving and a driver may not be your best play here due to the tight landing area. The front nine finishes with a long Par 4 from the back two tee boxes. A forced carry and an ever tightening fairway challenge you before making the turn.

The first of bookending Par 5’s on the back nine, Hole #10 at Brasada Canyons Golf Club is a dogleg left that asks you to make decisions that may cost you. Try to cut the corner off the box and two traps await. Your approach features on of the smallest greens on the course. #11 is a narrower than it looks Par 4 and very scorable. Natural ridges throughout the hole create challenging lies as you make your way to this elevated green. #12 is one of the more visually appealing Par 3’s on the course, with a heavily guarded green very little room to miss short. Four consecutive Par 4’s come next, each varying in difficulty. The 13th Hole is a slightly uphill hole with more room the farther left you go. However, large fairway bunkers loom straightaway. Hole #14 is notable as a long Par 4 with a narrow chute that if hit properly can mean the difference between a 6 iron and a wedge coming in. #15 is a drivable Par 4 for heavy hitters, but the aggresive line is a dangerous one, as the desert engulfs any ball missed short and left. Capping off this stretch of Par 4’s is #16. Miss left and you will find one of the few ravines deep enough to give up on your ball without looking. A downhill Par 3 gives a small sense of relief before moving on to the 18th and final hole. #18 is a spectacular Par 5 running through a canyon. #18 boasts the only water on the course, as well as Brasada Ranch’s signature bridge as the backdrop as you finish you round.

16986 SW Brasada Ranch Rd.
Powell Butte, OR 97753
(541) 526-6380