NWGolfGuys Partners with Portland Golf-O-Holics

NWGG Players Club is proud to partner with and support Portland Golf-O-Holics, a new 9 Hole Series hosting events monthly at various executive and Par 3 courses in the area! Portland Golf-O-Holics is built for golfers of all abilities looking for more opportunities to play golf and have fun! The events are FUN, non-traditional, exciting, social, competitive and generally just a good time.

What they are NOT is quiet. You can almost surely expect people to be talking, laughing, walking around, and having a good time… all while you’re trying to hit your next shot. Even though you can win serious money, don’t expect people to act like this is a tour event and be quiet while you’re hitting a shot. If that’s going to bother you, they invite you to not participate. And even better… the payouts are directly to ShopGolfGuys.com as well, meaning you can continue to build your prize money to bank and get that new driver you’ve been drooling over!

Portland Golf-O-Holics events are held once per month through September on Thursdays after work and their next event will be held on Thursday, May 20th at Lake Oswego Municipal Golf Course. For more info, check them out at https://portlandgolfoholics.com and we’ll see you out there!