2016 Points System

2016 Points System Standard Event Points

Top 5
1st Place: 100 Points
2nd Place: 90 Points
3rd Place: 75 Points
4th Place: 60 Points
5th Place: 50 Points

Rest of the Field (See below for details)
6th Place: Flight Size -5
7th Place: Flight Size -6
2nd to Last Place: 2 Points
Last Place: 1 Point

2015 Points System Major Event Points

Top 5
1st Place: 200 Points
2nd Place: 180 Points
3rd Place: 150 Points
4th Place: 120 Points
5th Place: 100 Points

Rest of the Field (See below for details)

6th Place: Flight Size -5 (x2)
7th Place: Flight Size -6 (x2)
2nd to Last Place: 4 Points
Last Place: 2 Points

Rules of Participation:

1. 1st through 5th position will always receive the same amount of points. 6th through last will be awarded through an ascending points scale based on the size of the flight. We will begin at one point for the final finisher and add one point to each position all the way up to 6th place.

Example: A flight has 30 participants. 30th place receives 1 point, 29th place receives 2 points, 28th place receives 3 points ... 8th place receives 23 points, 7th place recieves 24 points and 6th place receives 25 points.

2. Points will be based off a combined total of your Net and Gross finishes, cut in half. For example, if a player finished 2nd in Net and 4th in Gross, that player would receive 90 points (2nd place) + 60 points (4th place). The players total of 150 points is then cut in half, for a total of 75 points at that event. In the event of a decimal, we will round up to the next even number.

3. In Team Best Ball events, both members of the team will receive corresponding points for their position. 6th through last place points are are doubled for Team Best Ball events.

4. In flighted tournaments, both flights will be awarded as per the points system. For example, if there are three flights in a tournament, each flights winners would receive 1st Place Points, each runner up would receive 2nd Place Points, etc.

5. There wll be no tiebreaker for points. If three players tie for 3rd place net, each player receives 75 points on the Net side. Their position in gross however may result in a different final tally for total points at that event. A tiebreaker will be used for tournament winnings, based on your score on the #1 handicapped hole, followed the next lowest handicapped hole as needed until the tie is broken.

6. Players must compete in a minimum of four tournaments to qualify for year-end prizes.

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