What's In The Bag - Jake Sestero

Jake Sestero
Head Golf Professional
Bandon Dunes

What are your Favorite Courses: My favorite
that I have played is Cypress Point.  The
history, the group that I played with and the design
caused Cypress Point to move to the top of my list.
It is an incrediable walk from hole to hole and hard
not to enjoy every moment that you are on the golf

What's In The Bag?
I am currently playing the new TaylorMade
R1 Driver. It is a very solid driver and it is exactly
what I look for in the performance of a club.
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 fairway wood. This is an important piece of my equipement. I need a wood that will cut through the wind and can be used on the tee box and in the fairway.
Hybrids: TaylorMade RockeBallz Stage 2 Rescue hybrid. I used it in many different places on the course. I use it on the tee box, fairways and around the greens more often than not.
Irons: TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Irons. No matter the lie, tight or barried, the Bladez perform very well.
Wedges: TaylorMade 54 degree ATV Wedge and a Titleist 60 Dedgree Wedge. I like how the 54 works on full swings and how the grind finish works with my 60.
Putter:Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio 1.5. I have had it for years and love the way it looks and feels.
Golf Ball of Choice: I recently switched to the new TaylorMade Lethal and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs around the green and in the wind.
Must Have Accessories: I enjoy wearing all Adidas and Ashworth products. Both offer a great classic look and are very comfortable during a round of golf.

What's your favorite club? My putter is easily my favorite club. I have used my Scotty Cameron Studio 1.5 since my early college golf years. I have tried out many other putters but can not seem to get away from the 1.5.

What club do you dread pulling out of your bag? I've been lucky in my career.  I do not have a club that I dread. Each club calls for a different type of shot. Drivers are just fun to hit, long irons are special for me since 2 of my 3 hole in ones are with my 4 iron and wedges... well, who does like to have a wedge in your hand when you need to make birdie and my putter is my favorite club so from tee to green is always an adventure.

What specific shot do you feel most comfortable over? For me it would be a Pitching wedge anywhere from 105-130 yards. I think it is fun to hit the club anywhere between the 25 yard gap. I feel confident over it and I always have the mind set of making it.

What was the most memorable shot you have ever hit?
I hit my tee shot into the right trees. I had 185 yards to the pin and a tree was directly infront of me. The only shot to hit the green was to aim 40 yards left of the green which was actually out of bounds. I pulled out a 3 iron which I normally hit 210 yards. I starting my ball just left of the tree branches and cut the ball around the tree to 6 feet from the hole. My good friend that I was playing with said "I have never seen such a terrible tee shot followed up by that". We both got a good laugh out of that one.

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